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U S Marshalls Report November 1, 2018

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About this report

This 52 page pdf format searchable document was downloaded from the Cuyahoga County website.

The county, which requested the investigation, made a statement on November 21, 2018 when the report was released. Read the statement.

The independent report was prepared by a firm selected by the U S Marshalls service: Correctional Management and Communications Group, LLC, based in Mineola, Florida. Its website is



Quoted from the report's Executive Summary:

The Facility Review uses the Federal Performance Based Detention Standards (FPBDS) for non-federal detention facilities. The FPBDS are designed to ensure the safe, secure, and humane confinement of federal detainees and provide a document to indicate the facility's level of performance.

The overall facility operation received a rating of "Unsatisfactory / At-Risk"

The Facility Review was conducted by a team of contract correctional subject matter experts (SMEs) from the Correctional Management and Communications Group, LLC.



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